Individual and cost-effective software development

You keep your software development team under control. The team model at SCALORS offers 100% transparency and is customized to your specific needs. As a customer, you are always in close contact with your remote developers. This allows you direct control over your handpicked team, helping you to fine-tune your software project and finally to fit your vision. Any tasks from recruiting, to office management and a legal framework will be trustworthy handled by us.

Flexibility and scalability.

To fit your needs anytime, we offer you a high degree of flexibility: if needed, you can adapt the number of employees in your team to scale easily within a few weeks

Fast and Proven Hiring
It takes 2-3 weeks maximum from initial clients’ request to onboarding. We make full technical screening of candidates before present them to you.

High-quality engineers
We have more than 20 thousands candidates in our proprietary database. We present only on-target developers submitted for clients’ review.

Excellent Retention
We create a positive place for work with a set of effective retention strategies, for example, team buildings, events, surveys, technical and soft skills trainings, etc.

If you need an Online Store or any Mobile Application or just Peak-Resources for your project – this is the perfect service for you.

Our IT specialists are available within a few days after you contacted us.


Use our 15+ years of experience working with remote teams to be perfectly prepared before you start with your own remote team. We consult you and your company with best-practice workshops and explain you what is important to get a high productivity within the first weeks after your start.


    Your contact person

    Antje Hofgräber
    Business Development

    Tel: +49 (0) 421 40 895 870