Virtual teams have become a norm and it is not an innovation for professional and managerial personnel in a lot of companies.


92% of companies believe that it is “very important” or “important” to re-design the organisation


84% of people work in virtual teams on a fractional basis


40% of well managed virtual teams can be up to 40% more productive than co-located teams

Technology, particularly cloud-based, is the main driving force for the rise of virtual team model.  Now IT enables us to bring together teams and make them collaborate through different time zones and locations.

True benefits of the virtual team model


Employees can manage their working day with greater flexibility. They have much more opportunities to interact with colleagues around the world than other employees.

Reducing costs

Companies can use the best and lowest- cost software developers and significantly reduce their expenses on office space organisation.

How to build a virtual team?


Team formation should be your starting point and we can help you here. You won’t get anywhere without hiring people suitable for virtual teamwork, putting them into groups of the right size. In Scalors we’ve found what all successful virtual team players have in common:

  • good communication skills
  • ability to work independently
  • self- awareness
  • strengths /ability to get over snafs that will inevitably appear


1. First of all, in collaboration with you we draw up a detailed requirements profile. Then we search for and select developers who match it perfectly.

2. You can decide on your own what developers, QA (quality assurance) and project managers you want to work with in future.

3. Only 2-4 weeks later, your team starts working with its first developers in 100 % prepared job places in a fantastic working environment

4. We'll support you of our years of experience when preparing, integrating and managing your team. The best practices of our experience will be used while preparing, integrating and managing your team.



The way of organizing meetings, face-to- face or video calls (skype etc.), to introduce teammates, setting expectations, project plan, and clarifying team goals and behavioral guidelines.


Bringing new people onto a virtual team consist of a short e-mail or conference-call introduction to the rest of the group and a dozen or more documents that the newcomers are supposed to read and digest.

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