End-to-end software development

and project

We’ll independently carry out the full implementation of your app, online shop, or any other software project as you envision it. We can also make specific programming packages possible at short notice if your in-house team doesn’t have the capacities to do so.

You’ve got the idea, we’ll take care of realizing it – from the initial planning and architecture to the software interface – right down to the last detail.

Flexible addition to your software team


Do you want to realize a long-term project in-house, but don’t have the necessary IT experts on site? No worries. Our experienced software developers at our locations in Ukraine and Poland will carry out a contractually agreed quota of work as remote workers for your company. You get to deal directly with your remote team members and monitor them in a transparent manner, while we put together fully dedicated development teams for you at short notice!

This allows you to focus on your key areas of expertise, while we oversee administration, office management, the legal framework and, above all, recruiting.

HR consulting with permanent placements

Local IT recruiting
for your team

To date, we have placed over 125 foreign developers with medium-sized companies, start-ups, digital agencies, publishing houses, and other tech companies requiring staff in German-speaking countries. These software specialists are employed by you directly.

We start off by defining a detailed candidate profile together with you and then searching our company database of more than 25,000 candidates using a multistage quality check. You then get to select from among the best applicants. Even once a person has been hired, we help you with the onboarding process. This includes providing you with support getting visas and work permits if you require.

Tel: +49 (0) 421 40 895 870
E-Mail: info@scalors.com

Holistic approach

DevOps – from
development to
daily operations

IT activities are divided into development, architecture, testing, administration, and operations. DevOps (Development and Operations) serves as the link between these different areas.

We help you create, implement, and operate complex IT landscapes. Our scope of services includes setting up continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), test scenarios and implementations as well as cloud architecture. No matter whether you need help with a single project or require your platforms to be operated on a long-term basis, we are your partner at your side. 

Protection against cyber attacks

for your IT

The number of companies falling victim to cyber-attacks is growing. Are you armed against such attacks from the network? We examine and test your entire infrastructure for vulnerabilities - and if we find them, we fix them. In addition, we support you in planning and implementing security systems. And to keep you on the safe side in the future, we offer comprehensive training and workshops on all aspects of cyber security.

Overview of

  • Recruiting specialists for all common technologies and positions
  • Short-term availability
  • English-speaking contact persons on site for comprehensive consultation
  • Reliable, high-quality, and timely software development support despite a shortage of qualified IT professionals
  • Transparent, (cost-)efficient processes and assumption of all administrative tasks upon request
  • (Legal) security of project collaboration guaranteed with us as the German contractual partner
  • No foreign exchange risk – invoices issued in euros
  • 100% compliant with data protection regulations and copyright laws
References / Testimonials
  • Watch & Build

    "We approached Scalors with our idea, and they helped us on short notice to translate it into technical requirements and design the architecture. The specialists at Scalors swiftly implemented the first version of the Watch & Build Engine® using cutting-edge technologies."

    Heinrich Erkens
    watchandbuild.com GmbH

  • Vision2b

    “The IT experts at Scalors did an outstanding job developing our mebix app – the digital therapy companion for people with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases – straightforward, fast, and at a high caliber.”

    Andreas Kühn
    Vision2B GmbH

  • KIVU Technologies

    "KIVU Technologies is a technology start-up active in the field of data analysis and graph databases. We have been successfully collaborating with Scalors for more than four years and have learned to integrate Scalors’ outsourcing expertise into our strategy. The developers at Scalors are full-fledged members of our team and play a large part in our success. It’s also a great comfort to know that we can quickly scale up at any time with the help of Scalors, especially in times when it’s difficult to find developers in the EU."

    Christian Weichselbaum
    Managing Director
    KIVU Technologies GmbH

  • Clinomic

    "Scalors has made it possible for us to quickly expand our own development team at a very high level of quality. That’s why we relied on Scalors’ expertise to further develop and operate MONA – the smart assistance system at a patient’s bedside."

    Dr. Arne Peine
    Clinomic GmbH

  • Otalio

    “We have trusted Scalors as a reliable partner for developing our cruise ship software since our company was founded. Together we’ve established a large development team and have been working with each other successfully for many years – we would not have been able to go to market so quickly without Scalors.”

    Antonius Heuer
    Otalio GmbH