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Why IT recruitment?

In virtually no other area is the shortage of skilled workers in Germany as severe as in IT. Bright minds are free to choose from a large number of open positions, while countless vacancies remain unfilled. A situation that threatens the existence of some companies in the sector. So, the time has come to think outside the box of the German-speaking job market and rely on IT recruiting. 

Over 35,000 excellently trained programmers from Ukraine, Poland, Portugal, and Bulgaria can be found in our company’s in-house database. We assess your requirements based on your detailed briefing and profile, recruit the right candidates, and thus ensure targeted reinforcement of your team—in a permanent position. 

Advantages of IT recruiting / remote Wwrkforce

Check Icon Network of 35,000 software developers built up over many years—to take the pressure off your HR department Check Icon Access to specialists worldwide thanks to global IT recruiting Check Icon Multistage quality check as per customer requirements for a tailor-made selection Check Icon We closely monitor the onboarding process, including support during the visa and work permit process
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Project success with SCALORS

To date, we have placed over 150 developers with medium-sized companies, start-ups, digital agencies, publishing houses, and other tech companies requiring staff in German-speaking countries. Owing to our comprehensive database and many years of experience in IT recruitment.

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Scale your IT success now

Our IT recruiting service will find you urgently sought software developers. Interested in scaling your success?


SCALORS advantages

Recruiting Icon Recruiting specialists for all common technologies and positions Recruiting Icon Short-term availability Recruiting Icon English-speaking contact persons on site for comprehensive consultation Recruiting Icon Reliable, high-quality, and timely software development support despite a shortage of qualified IT professionals Recruiting Icon Transparent, (cost-)efficient processes and assumption of all administrative tasks upon request Recruiting Icon (Legal) security of project collaboration guaranteed with us as the German contractual partner Recruiting Icon No foreign exchange risk – invoices issued in euros Recruiting Icon 100% compliant with data protection regulations and copyright laws
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“We approached Scalors with our idea, and they helped us on short notice to translate it into technical requirements and design the architecture. The specialists at Scalors swiftly implemented the first version of the Watch & Build Engine® using cutting-edge technologies.”

Heinrich Erkens
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“The IT experts at Scalors did an outstanding job developing our mebix app – the digital therapy companion for people with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases – straightforward, fast, and at a high caliber.”

Andreas Kühn
Vision2B GmbH
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“KIVU Technologies is a technology start-up active in the field of data analysis and graph databases. We have been successfully collaborating with Scalors for more than four years and have learned to integrate Scalors’ outsourcing expertise into our strategy. The developers at Scalors are full-fledged members of our team and play a large part in our success. It’s also a great comfort to know that we can quickly scale up at any time with the help of Scalors, especially in times when it’s difficult to find developers in the EU.”

Christian Weichselbaum
Managing Director
KIVU Technologies GmbH
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“Scalors has made it possible for us to quickly expand our own development team at a very high level of quality. That’s why we relied on Scalors’ expertise to further develop and operate MONA – the smart assistance system at a patient’s bedside.”

Dr. Arne Peine
Clinomic GmbH
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“We have trusted Scalors as a reliable partner for developing our cruise ship software since our company was founded. Together we’ve established a large development team and have been working with each other successfully for many years – we would not have been able to go to market so quickly without Scalors.”

Antonius Heuer
Otalio GmbH

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